Who am I?

I'm a second-generation expat - born in Hong Kong to British parents, who moved to Thailand when I was very young. I grew up in this city, an in-betweener, not quite local and not quite foreign. But Bangkok has always been my home; wherever I go, my heart is in the city and the city is in my bones. I always end up coming back.

In my other life I'm a writer of fiction, and have just completed an MA in Writing. I'm also working on a novel set in Bangkok.

Why The Streets of Bangkok?

I love cities and I love walking. Screw jungle treks; urban strolling and exploring are where it's at. I started this blog partly because people tell me Bangkok's not a 'walking city', and I believe that's a terrible fallacy. The streets are so full of the city's life and character, and there's so much to be seen and discovered by walking them. I wanted to document my experiences, share my finds, and leave some advice for other potential explorers. When I started, I wrote a walking manifesto, which explains more about why, where, when and how I walk.

What can you find here?

Since its inception, this blog's remit has grown somewhat. As well as describing walks I've been on, I post walking tours, reviews of bars/restaurants/art/theatre/museums/etc, monthly events & activities listings, day trip ideas, photos, and all sorts of other bits and pieces. Naturally, the content reflects things that I personally find interesting, but I try to strike a balance between writing about what I like and what I think others will find useful. I don't drive, so I'm unlikely to write about anything that can't be accessed by foot or public transport, and stuff that can be done for free or on the cheap gets preference over stuff that's expensive.

I'm always open to suggestions, and love getting comments (who doesn't?), so do let me know what you think! And if you have an idea for a post that you'd like to write yourself, check out my writing guidelines.