Tuesday, 2 February 2010

What's this?

This is a blog dedicated to wandering around Bangkok. My aim is for it to serve as both a record of my experiences and an inspiration for other urban explorers, whether residents or visitors.

How qualified am I to do this? Who knows; I'm certainly not an expert on local geography, history, society or anything, but I'm madly in love with Bangkok and have spent most of my life here. I moved to this city when I was three, grew up here, left to study in the UK and then came back. Since returning, I've been going by foot and public transport all over town, scribbling down the things I see, learning scraps of local history, getting lost and looking for new spots, sights, sounds, flavours, experiences, puzzlements, lessons and other city-things. And writing about them in notebooks that nobody sees.

But I'm posting them here now, and maybe people will see them, and maybe even find them useful. If I write about a place I'll include whatever practical information seems relevant.

And pictures.


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