Monday, 3 May 2010

Things to do in May

Moving from the hot season towards the monsoon is always a relief, and we’re already having some cooler, wetter days. Come rain or dehydrating shine or redshirt road blockades, the city’s always ripe for exploring, and so The Streets of Bangkok has more walking guides coming up – but there’s plenty to do that’s sheltered from the weather, too. Here, a mix of indoor and outdoor activities and events to enjoy.

The annual Royal Ploughing Ceremony – the ancient celebration that marks the start of the rice-growing sesaon – is coming up on May 9. Head to Sanam Luang and witness rituals both Brahminical and Buddhist to predict and ensure the abundance of this year’s crops.

I’ve also just discovered (via Catherine of the excellent Women Learing Thai) Talen’s very useful calendar of events throughout Thailand, which features a lot of festivals. Outside of Bangkok this month are Isaan's Rocket Festival and the Chantaburi Fruit Festival, which both sound worth attending for anyone able to travel out of town for a few days.

May has plenty of ongoing and upcoming exhibitions for art lovers (see BAM!). Also a couple of art events:

First Friday #6 at Attic Studios, always worth going to for the atmosphere, art, free demo classes, mingling with friendly arty people, and decent drinks.
Friday May 7, 7-11 pm, Sukhumvit 31.

One-Day Watercolour Workshop with Louise Truslow - I have to mention this one, as my mum is running it, but as she's a successful local artist and a great teacher I can also honestly recommend this for anyone interested in watercolour painting (including beginners). These workshops always go down well with attendees, and it's a nice chance to spend a day at the very pleasant British Club (especially as the workshop fee includes lunch and refreshments!).
Saturday 22 May, 9 am-4 pm, at the British Club, Silom soi 18. B2400 including workshop, lunch and refreshments. Email for more information.

This looks interesting for people interested in Southeast Asian art, history, and literature - 'The preamble of the Ramakien', a lecture from the Siam Society 'on the Iconographic comparison between the mural paintings of Cambodia and Thailand by Vittorio Roveda'
Thursday 27 May, 7:30 PM, The Siam Society, Sukhumvit Soi Asoke. B200, free to Members & Student

This month's list feels like rather a small one, but as ever it's not exhaustive - flick through your papers, click around online, talk to people, and go out and do something that catches your eye. This is a good city to be out in... despite the climate (literal or political).

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