Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Glowing Lights in the Night

I went on an impromptu Chinatown wander tonight, having been at the opening of On The Edge, an exhibition at ARDEL's Hua Lumpong gallery, and leaving with a sense of wanting a little more from my evening. I crossed the canal in front of Hua Lumpong train station and rounded a corner, and immediately was in a different slice of city, one that smelled of spices. I'm not exaggerating; I don't do that (consciously, at least), and I don't like it when travel writers do, make a habit of amping up some particular sensory experience, cutting out details, transposing or conflating them. The air did go from smelling of dirty canal to spices with a few steps. The point is, just a corner away from the trendy galleries and restaurants around the station is a differently-flavoured city, and if you find yourself there one night, a little wander through the streets around China Gate is a good way to end the day. Some photos from tonight:

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