Friday, 24 June 2011

A bit of dusting, a bit of new furniture...

Streets of Bangkok has been sitting in its corner of the internet, gathering dust. Well, no more! I'm heading to Bangkok in July for a month, part holiday, part research trip for the novel. I hope to be blogging my socks of during that time - I've got tonnes of places that I never got around to writing up before, but will take requests too! Which streets, sights, districts or general bits of Bangkokiania do you want to read about?

But first some announcements. The site has a couple of new features now - if you look at the top you'll see an about page and a write for us page. I don't like to see this project languishing while I'm away, and I also think that a mish-mash of different perspectives suits the blog's ethos, so I hope people will consider doing guest posts. Do check out the guidelines if you're interested. We also have an email address now: thestreetsofbangkok [at] gmail [dot] com.

Finally, Streets of Bangkok is now on twitter! Follow @streetsofbkk for updates about new posts and for anything Bangkok-related (it was feeling increasingly strange to keep tweeting about Bangkok on my regular account, given that I'm based in the UK for now).

Have a lovely weekend, everyone, and look out for new content soon!

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