Monday, 19 April 2010

Brief Update

Starting a walking blog shortly before demonstrators took to the streets throughout the city, and deciding to feature night-walks at a time when the saftey of walking around at night is looking a lot less certain, aren't the most practical things I've ever done. But as I type, things are quiet, and of course there's much of the city that's still unaffected. So I'll be seeking out some peaceful places to walk and explore, and writing those up, because a few of the posts I currently have drafted are in spots that could be volatile. That said, my next post will be a canal walk in the old town, because it's an interesting walk and was mostly quiet the last time I did it.

I was in Chiang Mai for Songkran, which is why it's been quiet on here of late. Since getting back, I've walked through the redshirt camp in front of Lumphini, which was quite sleepy at noon yesterday (activity including a teenager charging his phone from a dangling power extension cord while listening to music on it, and a man buying an iced coffee), though I noticed a cardboard memorial (slightly rain-sodden) with messages painted on it and a picture of a tank, which hadn't been there before - presumably for the victims of the clash with the army.

A friend who visited Silom today reported that there were soldiers hanging round and barbed wire on parts of the pavement, but seems like the redshirts have decided not to march on Silom as they had planned. Bangkok does feel more tense than when I left it, but peaceful at the moment.

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