Tuesday, 13 July 2010


I've been remiss in not posting about this, mostly because it makes me sad to announce a hiatus. I'm heading back to the UK for an MA in Creative Writing, and so won't be able to walk around Bangkok and find things to write about any more. For a time! I'm not, emphatically not, closing this blog. I'll come back for holidays, and, of course, I'll wind up living in Bangkok again before long. It's not really somewhere I could leave for good.

If any readers are interested in guest-blogging on walking-related things during this time, or fancy doing a bar/restaurant/market/theatre/something review, let me know. I may post intermittently about interesting things going on that I hear about, and I've got a couple more posts to finish that I'll get up soon.

For now, check out some photos from Gavin Gough's upcoming 'Photographer's Guide to Bangkok': Bangkok Transport System (BTS). As he says, the BTS is "enormously photogenic". And doesn't that book sound exciting?!


  1. Good luck for your MA, and come back to us soon ! :)

  2. I'm really sad--I just recently found this and have enjoyed it so much. I'll keep walking in your absence but it just won't be the same without you.
    Janet Brown BKK stroller

  3. I am so disappointed! Like Janet, I just found you. I want to read as much as I possibly can about Bangkok because my daughter just moved there to teach. My husband and I would love to be able to travel to Thailand for a visit next spring. Best of luck on continuing your education. Self improvement is always a good thing!